The Memory of This Mother, Wife, Teacher & Author Mrs. Patsy Bazile  
Shall Forever Live On . . .
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About the Book
Does God speak to you? Are there words He whispers in your ears to encourage you to live a better life, and to touch the lives of others who are open to receiving your testimony? Mrs. Patsy Bazile's book provides the words of Christian woman who’s faith was strong! It was her desire to share her God-given allegories, prayers, poems, and wonderful mantras by which to live a blessed life with all who are willing to read them.  They are the “Words of a Praying Woman!”

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The mighty lion is the king of the jungle. He is one of the most feared, revered and ferocious animals on earth. But there is Someone Who is mightier!
There is Someone who can tame the lion's spirit, muzzle his bite, and quiet his roar . . . 

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from "What Would the Lion Do"
We all have trials and tribulations. We all have mountains that have somehow grown from molehills to the storms that threaten to tear our lives apart. However, as Christians we must trust in God to help us as we do our best to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ . . . 

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from "How Big Is Your Mountain"
How strong is your faith? If God spoke to you, would you know it? Zera Faith asked to let her know if her faith was strong enough to sustain her family. He answered. What is revealed to Zera are tragedies, love and blessings beyond what she could have ever expected.

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from "Zera Daughter of Faith" 
Forever Loved. Forever Remembered.
Sep. 19, 1955 - July 31, 2017
I find this book to be so inspiring. Thanks very much for allowing God to use you to encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ.
- K. Rideau
Mrs.Bazile's spirit shows through her writing! God has given her a gift and I'm thankful that she decided to share it!
- K. Chenier
This book aids the reader in recognizing revelations and identifying Spiritual instructions from the Creator. Get your copy NOW!
- S. LeDay
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Copies of "Metaphors of Faith, Words of a Praying Woman" signed by Mrs. Patsy Bazile's son, Daymond E. Lavine, may be obtained onsite at Perimeter Zen.